100 Years: Know, Understand, Be Proud!

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 2.12.53 PM

As we approach the centenary of the independent Republic of Lithuania, the Historical Presidential Palace in Kaunas, Lithuania, invites all Lithuanians from around the world to take part in projects to prepare for this important date.

A new virtual exhibition ‘Šimtmečio belaukiant: Vasario 16-oji mano šeimoje’ (Anticipating the centenary: February 16 in my family), invites you to upload photos of your own family celebrating Lithuanian Independence Day and vote for your favourite moments caught on camera!

Visit the virtual exhibition.

The second phase of the project “Šimtmečio belaukiant: reikšmingiausi Pirmosios Lietuvos Respublikos įvykiai” (Anticipating the centenary: The most significant events in the first Republic of Lithuania) invites you to find out about historical events between 1923-1928 and vote for the ones you think are most important!

Find out more and vote.

Let’s prepare for Lithuania’s centenary together!

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