Hi, I’m Tomas! I’m a hobby writer and natural expressionist. Creativity, energy and over-arching meaning is fundamental to my style. Welcome to the ALJS Blog!

Here you will find various pieces of news and summaries of our events over the years. Lithuanian translation can be found at the bottom of each article.

V-16 BBQ and Picnic – Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne

In celebration of Lithuania’s independence, a day we hold dearly, the ALJS planned an awesome day out at Flagstaff Gardens. New faces and old came to enjoy the warm weather, football, kickboxing, conversation, and hotdogs. Speaking of sausages… as an extra bonus, which unexpectedly served as our half-time show, a naked colony of bicycle riders…

Virtual Cooking with Friends – Zoom

During one of Australia’s harshest COVID lockdowns, the team thought it would be a perfect idea to host a virtual cooking event to lift the spirits. This happened to be the first event in quite a while and it went without a hitch!… luckily, because there’s always one person that burns the pancakes. After our…

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