Volunteer Positions

Our organisation is completely volunteer-driven, so if you have spare time and can contribute your skills or talents in any capacity to assist a rapidly growing network, we would love to hear from you! Below is a list of open positions we have available, they outline the main responsibilities for each role but can also overlap with other fields too. We encourage you to read through our constitution, found in our legal section, to get a better idea of what’s expected of a member on the committee.

I.T. Director Maintains and updates the ALYA website, including making improvements and changes to benefit Members and other ALYA stakeholders, facilitates online ticketing and website support for the ALYA’s events and activities including creating record-keeping spreadsheets and practices.
Social Events DirectorPlays a large role for the organising of social events and is responsible of organising social events at the direction of the Executive.
Sponsorship Director Works with the President to produce a professional prospectus to be distributed to potential sponsors with the intention of maximising sponsorship, oversees other fundraising activities including but not limited to raffles and barbeques.
Education DirectorEnsures that proper notification of all ALYA associated entities is made to all Members and responds to any educational concerns of Members and represents education concerns of Members where’s necessary.
Social Justice DirectorAddresses issues of inequity or injustice that exist in the ALYA and the Council and endeavours to represent Members who raise issues.

To apply, send a notice of interest to our email at communication.aljs@gmail.com