Our Team/Mūsų Komanda

Martha Karoblyte – President

Martha is currently studying for her Masters Degree in Secondary Teaching from Victoria University. She represents the ALJS from Melbourne, regularly directing meetings, deliberating with our partner organisations, planning events and much more. She has an interest in traveling, riding horses and even playing violin on stage. Martha has been involved in the community through dancing and scouts since a young age, and served on the council as VP before succeeding to her new position.

Tomas Skridulis – Communications Director/VP

Has completed his double degree in Commerce/International Studies from Deakin University, majoring in Marketing and International Relations. Tomas is in charge of managing the ALJS website, creating graphics, day-to-day communications and assisting Melbourne based activities. While strength and conditioning is his bread and butter, Tomas also enjoys playing metal guitar, chess, researching blockchain technology, painting on canvas and travel. Being born in Lithuania and moving to Australia at a young age, Tomas eventually realised the importance of cultural connection, and the ALJS was the perfect organisation to use his marketing and creativity skills to help build the network.

Tomas Adamavičius – Treasurer/Secretary

Holding a Bachelors Degree in Commerce…

Brianna Taylor – Sports Director

Currently studying for her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Wollongong University, Brianna also spearheads all events located in the Sydney area and gives direction and insight on all general discussion, as per her responsibility as Sports Director. Naturally, she has a proclivity and passion for swimming, soccer, spending time with friends and family and meeting new people. Her mother was also on the ALJS council in her youth, so Brianna felt inspired to join the organisation in order give back to the community, of which she is so heavily apart of.