V-16 BBQ and Picnic – Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne

In celebration of Lithuania’s independence, a day we hold dearly, the ALJS planned an awesome day out at Flagstaff Gardens. New faces and old came to enjoy the warm weather, football, kickboxing, conversation, and hotdogs. Speaking of sausages… as an extra bonus, which unexpectedly served as our half-time show, a naked colony of bicycle riders came past, flaunting what nature blessed them with – with undeniable confidence, I might add. All-in-all, I believe the day really helped invigorate a sense of pride and positivity among the young ‘litho’ group. Not only because we persevered through the last couple of tempestuous years, but for once since a long time ago, we can finally plan, and look forward to building relationships, organising activities and considering travel again… without the fear of any abrupt or unforeseen shutdown to life as we know it.